About Us

Tri County Development & Construction, Inc. (TCDC) provides full-service construction solutions to the telecommunications and Utilities industry. Our specialized team of experts blends a technical understanding of communications network construction with industry knowledge and relationships that reduce the time it takes to get fiber optic design and install. Our focus on safety and reputation with  network & plant Owned Utilities (IOU’s) provide a single solution for One Touch Make Ready. We work with clients on large fiber deployment, new line construction, infrastructure enhancements, and cable maintenance services. Current projects throughout  Los Angeles, Orange and Riverside County.

TCDC is dedicated to delivering telecommunication construction services safely and promptly. We promote safe work practices and behaviors throughout our organization. We view safety and skills training as a continuous development tool, and all employees receive ongoing education related to electrical hazard awareness, observable hazard identification, defensive driving preparedness, and US Safety Compliance Training.

Contact:  Tri County Development & Construction, Inc. for more information on our telecommunications construction services at the following: Info@TCDCI.COM